About Us



Welcome to Melmart… our family serving your family for over forty-five years!

Melmart was founded in 1969 by Melvin William Martin (whose portrait is featured.)  Hence the name "Mel Mart".  His goal was to provide the flooring industry with a distributor that believed in, and more importantly, practiced integrity and customer service, and offered excellent product value, inventory, and tools to assist our customer in becoming more successful.  He believed that tirelessly pursuing these goals would mean everyone would have the opportunity to live abundant lives and share generously. 

Under the leadership of Martin's youngest son, Dean Martin, Melmart is dedicated to pursuing the same values that were planted in 1969.  Our senior management team is led by Grant Heggie, President and CEO, and consists of Marcus Stone, Director of Marketing and Sales (Ontario), Jonathan Gardner, Director of Finance, and Kelly O'Louglin, Director of Operations.  Our Quebec team is led by Jean-Claude Duval, our Directeur Général du Québec.  Patrick Thomas is the General Manager of our Atlantic branch, headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

Our Values:  It has been said that a company's values reflect the soul of the company.

The Melmart team will be relentless in the pursuit of these enduring values:

We will do the right thing
We will always strive for excellence
We will make someone's day every day
We will have fun
We will love what we do
We will consider people first

Our Mission:

We are determined to create wealth for all of our partners by making our customers more profitable and successful. We will accomplish this by consistently providing our customers with the best service, people and products in the industry.

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